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The Department of Botany, GDC Kargil organized a one-day tour cum workshop at KVK SKAUST Kargil

Organized by

Department of Botany

Date :

Mar 21, 2023

As a part of the G20 celebration activities and additionally as a part of the syllabus of the Skill Enhancement Course (‘Mushroom Cultivation Technology’), the Department of Botany, GDC Kargil organized a one-day tour cum workshop at KVK SKAUST Kargil on 22nd March 2023. The theme of the workshop was “Fungus for the future: A workshop on Mushroom cultivation for sustainable farming”.
During the workshop, Dr Nasreen Kacho (Scientist, Plant Protection KVK1, Kargil) gave a detailed presentation on the process of mushroom cultivation and why mushrooms are important. Apart from giving in-depth knowledge of the cultivation process, she emphasized opting for such skills as an income source that will majorly benefit the unemployed youth of Ladakh. In her presentation, she focused on and urged students for applying scientific knowledge to traditional farming practices. Dr Nasreen also briefed about important schemes and subsidies being provided by various agencies for the new start-ups. The presentation included an indulging interactive session with the students wherein relevant doubts and queries were addressed. The presentation was followed by a tour of the lab equipment and facilities required for Spawn preparation and mushroom cultivation.
Additionally, the students got an opportunity to hear from Dr Nazir who provided detailed knowledge on the advantages of promoting Organic farming and the harmful effects of using chemical fertilizers. He talked about the production of liquid organic fertilizers stressing ‘Jeewa Amrit’.
The workshop comprised a field tour wherein Dr Rinchen Dolker (Jun Scientist) briefed the students about different tunnelling methods, mulching, drip irrigation and grafting units. The students also had the opportunity to visit the greenhouses, various cultivation units, grafting units and many other innovative farming techniques being undertaken at KVK Kargil.
At the end of the tour cum workshop, Asst Professor Rinchen Angmo (Dept of Botany, GDC Kargil) expressed appreciation and thanked the whole staff at KVK Kargil 1 for their support and guidance.

Appreciation Letter

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