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Department of Environmental Science organised a one day Educational Tour

Organized by

Department of Environmental Science

Date :

Jun 28, 2022

Department of Environmental Science
Govt. Degree College Kargil
Date: 29-06-2022
Day: Thursday

Department of Environmental Science, Govt. Degree College Kargil, organised a one day Educational Tour to Suru Valley, Kargil.

The motive of this Educational tour was field study of Medicinal plants in our region. An Expert in the field, Mr Shabbir Hussain Fayyaz, Resident of Pashkyum Kargil, Field Guide and Expert in Medicinal Plants in Ladakh, and who accompanied the students and shared his valuable Information regarding the different species of medicinal plants and their values and benefits for Human beings. Mr Sajad Hussain, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Ms. Kunchok, faculty Environmental Science also accompanied the students.

Departed early in the morning at 8 am from the college campus and the Expert Mr Shabbir Hussain Fayyaz, showed and acquainted the students about the different kinds of flora species and also mentioned about their values and benefits and then at around 11:30 they stopped for breakfast at Karpokhar village and after the breakfast the faculty members and all the students did a cleanliness drive giving a message to everyone and appealing all for keeping the environment clean and use dustbins instead of littering around.
After that they reached their destination point at around 1 pm, where Mr Fayyaz, further acquainted them about the different species of plants and their importance which continued through out the Entire tour. Having done with Lunch, once again all the members participated and did a cleanliness drive of that area and also involved students from different primary school in the cleanliness drive with a purpose to involve them in such Environment friendly activity and make them understand the value and importance of clean environments where all the primary school students took active part in the cleanliness drive and also gave a message to the all the people to not litter around and keep the place clean.

At last the students told that this educational tour was really a productive one, and they all had a wonderful experience of the tour knowing about our local species of plants. The students collected the samples from the field for making a herbarium. Before returning back refreshments were distributed among all the students.

Appreciation Letter

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