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Department of Geography


The Department aims to inculcate scientific temper, empiricism along with normative understandings.
An understanding and concern towards the environment with more sensitivity is tried to make innate.
An understanding of the relationship between Man & Environment, and also its fragility.
To understand and analyze the rapid changes in Economy, Politics, Environment, Agriculture, Landscape of Ladakh.

Vision and Mission

The department is dedicated to impart a teaching and learning method which would produce graduate students competent to do research with a critical approach and dwell on the questions in contemporary society and make them sensitive human beings.
Our vision is to develop among educators, governmental decision makers, and the general population an understanding of the full scope and value of geography.

Subject Combinations

Corse code

Core Subject


Geography, History, Communicative English and Environmental studies


Corse code

Core Subject


Pol Science, Geography, Communicative English and Environmental studies


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