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Notice of Unfair Mean cases in UG 2nd and 6th Sem Batch 2017 and 2019 Batch



Examination Section

Publish Date:

Oct 25, 2022

It is for the information of the candidates bearing following roll numbers, that they have resorted in use of unfair means/misconduct in the University examinations of UG 2nd and 6th semester to appear before the committee for scrutiny of Unfairmeans and practice on 3rd of November, 2022 sharply at 10:30 am in the office chamber of the Controller of Examinations (Kurbathang, Kargil). If a candidate fails to appear before the said committee, it shall be presumed that he/she has no clarification to say against his/her defence and the decision of the Unfairmeans Committee shall be binding on him/her under rule.

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