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Educational tour to Hydro Power project,Biaras and Water Upliftment project,Lato

Organized by

Department of Physics

Date :

Jul 7, 2022

GDC Kargil
Department of Physics

The department of Physics organised a one day educational cum exposure tour for the 3rd and 5th semester students to the KREDA Hydro Power Project Biaras and water uplift project powered by renewable source of energy at Latoo area.

KREDA Project Director Kacho Ahmad Khan provided us with experts to guide the students through the projects at both Biaras and Latoo.

Chief Engineer Shujat ali and operator Mr Ramzan ali introduced the students about the basics of power generation at the Biaras Power Project,the enthusiastic students upon seeing the project were overwhelmed and asked various questions pertaining to the working about turbines and different machinery involved.

Engineer Sajad Hussain,the expert at Latoo area guided the students in knowing the basics of water upliftment at Latoo village.The importance of the project to the village were discussed in detail with experts and elders of the village.

Assistant Professor Physics Dr Niyaz ali and Rizwan ali accompanied and guided the students to the two locations.

Appreciation Letter

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