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Elements of Fictional Writing

Organized by

Department of English

Date :

Jul 5, 2022

A discussion session was organized by the Department of English on 6th July 2022 on the theme, 'Elements of Fictional Writing.' The key speaker for the event was Mr. Lhundup Gyalpo, author of several fictional books, including 'Betty's Butter Tea: Stories from Ladakh.' The guest speaker highlighted some imperative features and challenges of fictional writing in a Ladakhi milieu. He spoke at length about his journey from IIT to the writing world. The talk was followed by Q/A and sessions.
The program was attended by 150 students. The moderator for the program was Ms. Archo Fatima Nissa, and the vote of the thanks was presented by Dr. Azra Khatoon, Assistant Professors, Department of English.

Appreciation Letter

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